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 Hirari's App

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Super Moderator
Super Moderator

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PostSubject: Hirari's App   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:51 pm

Name: Hirari

Age: 16

Timezone/Location: PST (GMT -7)

Personality: I always do my best to help out those in need. I reply to every question or comment thrown at me because I want to help everyone, not just the best to become better. Most of the time I'm very flexible with all sorts people except for people who are highly self-determined and girls who do nothing but chat everywhere to become famous. I can be too soft at times, but when it comes to rules I NEVER break them (Seriously, I never cheated, drove illegally, etc...) and i expect everyone to strongly follow them on this forum.

Moderator Knowledge
Experience: Honestly, none. But I believe that you cannot always accept those only with experience since everyone needs to start from somewhere. I will do my best to learn from my brother.

1.If you're chosen, how will it benefit the forums?: I check for new posts several times every day. I will make sure all posts follow the rules.
2.Why you want to be a mod? Cuz I believe that I can help this forum o3o
3.What is your computing schedule? I get on it 5 mins after school ends up until around midnight. Only time I'm not on is when I'm eating or showering.
4.Do you have MSN or Skype? MSN: Skype: winxmon
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Title : Pokemon Master
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PostSubject: Re: Hirari's App   Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:53 pm


You told me the places you wanted to moderate. Perhaps you might get promoted to Super Moderator and one of them will get demoted someday lol.

//accepted, locked, moved


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Hirari's App
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